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IMPORTANT NOTE: This function was introduced in v0.7.0 because of a change that the jQuery team made in jQuery 1.7. See my blog posts here and here for details. If you are using a version of SPServices prior to v0.7.0, you do not have this function.

Can be used to find namespaced elements in returned XML, such as rs:data or z:row from GetListItems.

My hope is that by having this function in place, SPServices will be a bit more future-proof against changes made by the jQuery team. The function is only required if you want your script to work reliably cross-browser, as Internet Explorer will reliably find the elements with the simpler .find("z:row") syntax.




$(xData.responseXML).SPFilterNode("z:row").each(function() {
   // Do something

Additional Notes

Because the SPFilterNode function may be so widely used, I did not namepsace it with SPServices to keep replacement of .find("z:row") or .find("[nodeName='z:row']") as straightforward as possible.

The function is very simple, and is reproduced here. Thanks to Steve Workman for devising, testing, and documenting this approach.

// This method for finding specific nodes in the returned XML was developed by Steve Workman. See his blog post
// http://www.steveworkman.com/html5-2/javascript/2011/improving-javascript-xml-node-finding-performance-by-2000/
// for performance details.
$.fn.SPFilterNode = function(name) {
  return this.find('*').filter(function() {
    return this.nodeName === name;

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