Web Service


Supported Operations

Operation Options MSDN Documentation Introduced
EnumerateFolder strFolderUrl SiteData.EnumerateFolder Method 0.5.7
GetList -> Must be called as SiteDataGetList [webURL], strListName SiteData.GetList Method 0.6.0
GetListCollection -> Must be called as SiteDataGetListCollection [webURL] SiteData.GetListCollection Method 0.6.0
GetSite -> Must be called as SiteDataGetSite [webURL] SiteData.GetSite Method 0.7.1
GetSiteUrl -> Must be called as SiteDataGetSiteUrl Url SiteData.GetSiteUrl Method 0.7.1
GetWeb -> Must be called as SiteDataGetWeb [webURL] SiteData.GetWeb Method 0.7.1

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