Web Service


A big thanks to Thomas MacMillan for providing the code to make this addition to SPServices possible. Check out his blog for some tips and tricks about using this Web Service. Specifically, it is difficult to get at the correct GUIDs. Thomas' post Working with Lists and Schemas provides some Powershell to help with this. Several other of Thomas' posts may also help you understand more about this Web Service.

Supported Operations

Operation Options MSDN Documentation Introduced
AddTerms sharedServiceId, termSetId, lcid, newTerms TaxonomyClientService.AddTerms Method 0.6.0
GetChildTermsInTerm sspId, lcid, termId, termSetId TaxonomyClientService.GetChildTermsInTerm Method 0.6.0
GetChildTermsInTermSet sspId, lcid, termSetId TaxonomyClientService.GetChildTermsInTermSet Method 0.6.0
GetKeywordTermsByGuids termIds, lcid TaxonomyClientService.GetKeywordTermsByGuids Method 0.6.0
GetTermsByLabel label, lcid, matchOption, resultCollectionSize, termIds, addIfNotFound TaxonomyClientService.GetTermsByLabel Method 0.6.0
GetTermSets sharedServiceIds, termSetIds, lcid, clientTimeStamps, clientVersions, serverTermSetTimeStampXml TaxonomyClientService.GetTermSets Method 0.6.0

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