Value Added

Take the out-of-the-box SharePoint forms to the next level with enhancements like autocomplete, cascading dropdowns and more.

Function Name Short Description Introduced
$().SPServices.SPArrangeChoices Rearranges radio buttons or checkboxes in a form from vertical to horizontal display to save page real estate. 0.5.0
$().SPServices.SPAutocomplete The SPAutocomplete lets you provide values for a Single line of text column from values in a SharePoint list. The function is highly configurable and can enhance the user experience with forms. 0.5.4
$().SPServices.SPCascadeDropdowns This is the first function we implemented which allows you to take advantage of the Web Services calls in a meaningful way. It allows you to easily set up cascading dropdowns on a list form. (What we mean by cascading dropdowns is the situation where the available options for one column depend on the value you select in another column.) 0.2.6
$().SPServices.SPComplexToSimpleDropdown Converts a "complex" dropdown (which SharePoint displays if there are 20+ options) to a "simple" dropdown (select). 0.6.2
$().SPServices.SPDisplayRelatedInfo This function lets you display related information on forms when an option in a dropdown is chosen. 0.2.9
$().SPServices.SPFilterDropdown The SPFilterDropdown function allows you to filter the values available in a Lookup column using CAML against the Lookup column’s source list. 0.6.1
$().SPServices.SPFindMMSPicker The SPFindMMSPicker function helps you find an MMS Picker’s values. 2013.01
$().SPServices.SPFindPeoplePicker The SPFindPeoplePicker function helps you find and set People Picker column values. 0.7.2
$().SPServices.SPLookupAddNew This function allows you to provide a link in forms for Lookup columns so that the user can add new values to the Lookup list easily. It is based on a blog post by Waldek Mastykarz. (see Credits) 0.3.2
$().SPServices.SPRedirectWithID This function allows you to redirect to a another page from a new item form with the new item’s ID. This allows chaining of forms from item creation onward. 0.4.0
$().SPServices.SPRequireUnique Checks to see if the value for a column on the form is unique in the list. 0.4.0
$().SPServices.SPSetMultiSelectSizes Sets the size of the boxes in a multi-select picker based on the values they contain. 0.4.8
$().SPServices.SPUpdateMultipleListItems SPUpdateMultipleListItems allows you to update multiple items in a list based upon some common characteristic or metadata criteria. 0.5.8

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