From parsing query string parameters to getting information about the current user, these utility functions are handy tools for building client-side solutions.

Function Name Short Description Introduced
$().SPServices.SPConvertDateToISO Convert a JavaScript date to the ISO 8601 format required by SharePoint to update list items. 2013.01
$().SPServices.SPDebugXMLHttpResult This function displays the XMLHttpResult from an Ajax call formatted for easy debugging. You can call it manually as part of your completefunc. 0.2.10
$().SPServices.SPDropdownCtl The function finds a dropdown in a form based on the name of the column (either the DisplayName or the StaticName) and returns an object you can use in your own functions. 2014.01
$().SPFilterNode Can be used to find namespaced elements in returned XML, such as rs:data or z:row from GetListItems. 0.7.0
$().SPServices.SPGetCurrentSite This utility function, which is also publicly available, simply returns the current site’s URL. It mirrors the functionality of the WebUrlFromPageUrl operation. 0.2.4
$().SPServices.SPGetCurrentUser This function returns information about the current user. It is based on an insightful trick from Einar Otto Stangvik (see Credits). 0.3.1
$().SPServices.SPGetDisplayFromStatic This function returns the DisplayName for a column based on the StaticName. 0.4.0
$().SPServices.SPGetLastItemId Function to return the ID of the last item created on a list by a specific user. Useful for maintaining parent/child relationships. 0.4.0
$().SPServices.SPGetListItemsJson SPGetListItemsJson combines several SPServices capabilities into one powerful function. By calling GetListItemChangesSinceToken, parsing the list schema, and passing the resulting mapping and data to SPXmlToJson automagically, we have a one-stop shop for retrieving SharePoint list data in JSON format. No manual mapping required! 2014.01
$().SPServices.SPGetQueryString The SPGetQueryString function returns an array containing the Query String parameters and their values. 0.5.1
$().SPServices.SPGetStaticFromDisplay This function returns the StaticName for a column based on the DisplayName. 0.5.4
$().SPServices.SPListNameFromUrl Returns the current list’s GUID *if* called in the context of a list, meaning that the URL is within the list, like /DocLib or /Lists/ListName. 0.5.7
$().SPServices.SPScriptAudit The SPScriptAudit function allows you to run an auditing report showing where scripting is in use in a site. 0.4.8
$().SPXmlToJson SPXmlToJson is a function to convert XML data into JSON for client-side processing. 0.7.1

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