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Web Service


Supported Operations


  • Many of the operations here accept a webURL option. This allows you to change the context for the Web Service operation to a different site. For instance, you may want to GetListItems from a list in another farm or UpdateListItems in a list in a different site. Using a GUID for the listName does NOT change the context as it does with the Object Model, so you need to use the webURL option as well if you need the context to be a different site.
  • Links in the Operation column will show you more details for the operation, including examples, if available. Links in the MSDN Documentation column will take you to the SDK on MSDN for that operation.
Operation Options MSDN Documentation Introduced
AddAttachment [webURL], listName, listItemID, fileName, attachment Lists.AddAttachment Method 0.5.5
AddDiscussionBoardItem [webURL], listName, message Lists.AddDiscussionBoardItem Method 0.7.2
AddList [webURL], listName, description, templateID Lists.AddList Method 0.2.9
AddListFromFeature [webURL], listName, description, featureID, templateID Lists.AddListFromFeature Method 0.7.2
CheckInFile pageUrl, comment, CheckinType Lists.CheckInFile Method 0.4.0
ApplyContentTypeToList webUrl, contentTypeId, listName Lists.ApplyContentTypeToList Method 0.7.1
CheckOutFile pageUrl, checkoutToLocal, lastmodified Lists.CheckOutFile Method 0.4.0
CreateContentType [webURL], listName, displayName, parentType, fields, ContentTypeProperties, addToView Lists.CreateContentType Method 0.7.1
DeleteAttachment [webURL], listName, listItemID, url Lists.DeleteAttachment Method 0.7.0
DeleteContentType [webURL], listName, contentTypeId Lists.DeleteContentType Method 0.7.1
DeleteContentTypeXmlDocument [webURL], listName, contentTypeId, documentUri Lists.DeleteContentTypeXmlDocument Method 0.7.2
DeleteList [webURL], listName Lists.DeleteList Method 0.2.9
GetAttachmentCollection [webURL], listName, ID Lists.GetAttachmentCollection Method 0.2.6
GetList [webURL], listName Lists.GetList Method 0.2.3
GetListAndView [webURL], listName, viewName Lists.GetListAndView Method 0.2.9
GetListCollection [webURL] Lists.GetListCollection Method 0.2.3
GetListContentType [webURL], listName, contentTypeId Lists.GetListContentType Method 0.4.8
GetListContentTypes [webURL], listName* Lists.GetListContentTypes Method 0.4.8
GetListItemChanges [webURL], listName, viewFields, since, contains Lists.GetListItemChanges Method 0.7.1
GetListItemChangesSinceToken [webURL], listName, viewName, CAMLQuery, CAMLViewFields, CAMLRowLimit, CAMLQueryOptions, changeToken, contains Lists.GetListItemChangesSinceToken Method 0.7.2
GetListItems [webURL], listName, viewName, CAMLViewFields, CAMLQuery, CAMLRowLimit, CAMLQueryOptions Lists.GetListItems Method 0.2.3
GetVersionCollection strlistID, strlistItemID, strFieldName Lists.GetVersionCollection Method 0.7.1
UndoCheckOut pageUrl Lists.UndoCheckOut Method 0.7.1
UpdateContentType [webURL], listName, contentTypeId, contentTypeProperties, newFields, updateFields, deleteFields, addToView Lists.UpdateContentType Method 0.7.1
UpdateContentTypesXmlDocument [webURL], listName, newDocument Lists.UpdateContentTypesXmlDocument Method 0.7.2
UpdateContentTypeXmlDocument [webURL], listName, contentTypeId, newDocument Lists.UpdateContentTypeXmlDocument Method 0.7.2
UpdateList [webURL], listName, listProperties, newFields, updateFields, deleteFields, listVersion Lists.UpdateList Method 0.4.6
UpdateListItems [webURL], listName, updates, [batchCmd, valuepairs, ID] Lists.UpdateListItems Method 0.2.3

* Note that the SDK says that contentTypeId is a required parameter for GetListContentTypes. It is not, and in fact it is ignored if present. ** Attested by Mark Rackley.

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